CT4 26x12mm Best Before Egg Box Labels D Type (45,000 Labels)



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CT4 26x12mm Best Before Egg Box Labels D Type
Single Line Label Guns such as:
Danro 2612 Egg Labeller
Swing S9 Egg Box Labeller

Using the Swing Egg Box Labeller is simplicity itself:
Loading: A simple process of installing the label roll on the bobbin, then pulling some labels through the opening of the gun then closing.

Setting: You encode the date and size on the print head by rotating the crown for each of the print heads, moveing the print bands to the desired settings.

Printing: Squeezing the handle and lever on the label gun prints and ejects a label. This action prints the encoded text and presents a label ready for application on your item.

If in doubt, just call us on 01332 865933 for help.
If in doubt, just call us on 01332 865933 for help.

Perfect for use in combination with our standard PL egg box labels and outer case labels.

If you require special layouts or colour changes, please contact us via the enquiry form.

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Additional information


Vellum (Paper)


Supplied on 25mm cores, inside wound head first with 1,500 labels per roll and 45,000 labels per box.


All goods manufactured are made to order and not subject to normal refund/return policies unless the goods are faulty. Danro will refund or re-manufacture any faulty goods at our own cost.

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