Hand Gun Labels

Hand gun labels can be a very complicated subject.  Each hand gun manufacturer (of which there are about 6) ensures that their labelling guns take a specific size of hand gun labels which is why you will see below six primary sizes all of which in most cases fit different makes of label guns.

At Danro we are unique, as we manufacture every type of label to suit these label guns and are one of the largest manufacturers in the UK.  This means that you can have a label pre-printed in your choice of paper colour, adhesive and most importantly your text (of which you will see samples of below) for example your company name, web address and telephone number.  We have in house design capabilities and are on hand to offer advice on what can be a fairly complicated subject.


The best gun when large amounts of data and numbers have to be displayed to the customer along with pre-printed information on the label. 10 number bands top and bottom


Best all round 2 line pricing gun displaying the most important information. Commonly used along with pre-printed labels such as Best Before/Batch No, Use by etc. Can be Alpha numerical or numerical. 10 bands top and bottom


The most cost effective label gun for pricing used in retail applications. 7 bands.


Used where space on products is limited. Dispensers a small narrow label. Cost effective but character size is reduced. 7 bands


The most popular single line pricing/date gun. Very effective when combined with a pre-printed label e.g. company name, best before, use by or sell by.


A unique label that enables a pre-print to appear in the middle of the label. It is dispensed narrow edge first. 10 numbers top and bottom

Showing 1–12 of 17 results

Showing 1–12 of 17 results