CT7 26 x 16mm Labels

Danro have been manufacturing CT7 26 x 16mm labels for price guns since the early 1980’s and have a wealth of experience in the supply of all types of labels for pricing guns.

Best all round 2 line pricing gun label displaying the most important information. Commonly used along with pre-printed labels such as Best Before/Batch No, Use by etc. The pricing gun used can be alpha numerical or numerical with 10 bands top and bottom

The CT7 26 x 16mm labels are manufactured in a variety of colours and a selection of adhesives to suit most requirements and suitable for use in price guns from a wide range of manufacturers.  We stock a range of pre-printed CT7 labels with text such as Use By, Best Before & Batch Number etc.  Many of our 26 x 16mm pricing gun labels are ready for immediate shipment if ordered prior to our courier cut off times.

We supply to a large range of industries from local shops to some of the largest retailers on the high street, food manufacturers and many other manufacturers and businesses.

Whether you require standard CT7 labels plain, printed labels or a special label for your particular coding requirements our sales team will be able to help you.

If you cannot find the CT7 2616 price gun labels you require in our shop, please call our sales team on 01332 865933.

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Showing all 7 results