Open Data C6 Price Gun


1 Line label gun
The gun has 6 digits enabling prices up to £99.99 or €99.99
The Open Data C6 price gun uses CT4 (26 x 12mm) labels
Ink roller type: Open Data ink roller


The Open Data C6 price gun is a durable high end and easy to use price gun using the popular CT4 26mm x 12mm wavey edge label. Easy to load with clear characters and no wasted labels when changing information. No messy re-inking with pre-inked rollers and using rolls of 1,500 labels. Frequent relaoding is eliminated.

Perfect for specific needs such as date, batch number, quality control and other specific applications. The price gun owes its heritage to Open Italy, a leading manufacturer of pricing guns that excel iin performance and price, durability and simplicity.

Operating the price gun is easy. Loading the labels is intutive and straight-forward, taking only moments to learn. Setting the codes on the numeric bands is simple too: Pull the crown out on the print head to select the column you want. Next, spin the crown to select the digit. Finally, using a single grasp of the lever and handle will print and present a label for applicaton.

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