Swing S10 Date Coder


1 Line Label Gun
10 digits including 3 for month (3, 4 and 5)
Labels: CT4 (26 x 12mm) labels.
Ink roller: Uses a Jolly /Swing ink roller


The Swing S10 date coder is a remarkable high end, easy to use label gun using the popular CT4 x 12mm wavey edge label. Easy to load with clear characters and no wasted labels when changing information. No messy re-inking with pre-inked rollers and with rolls of 1,500 labels, no frequent reloading.

Perfect for specific needs such as date, Batch Number, Use By, Best Before, quality control and other specific applications.

The Swing S10 date coder is so easy to use. The print head adjusts using a crown wheel, the operator simply pulls the wheel out to select the column of digits to adjust and rotates the wheel to adjust.

How the date coder works

Rotating the wheel rotates one of the 10 rubber print bands within the date coders the print head. This positions the correct character on the print head ready for printing, you repeat across all 10 columns of the print head to get the desired code to print.

The bands in the coding gun are on a ratchet mechanism to ensure perfect number / character alignment every time.

The Swing S10 date coding label gun indicates the date in the following format DDMMMYYYY. The month is indicated by the three first letters of the month. For example, MAR indicated March, JUL indicated July

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Danro will service and maintain your Swing S10 date coder. As long as you are buying your labels from us we will accept your label gun for service. Simply call us to arrange your service and send your label gun by post. We will strip, clean, lubricate and re-fettle your label gun and send it back by return.

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