Price Gun Labels

Danro is a UK based manufacturer of price gun labels using our Mark Andy flexographic printing presses.  We produce a full range of labels such as the 26 x 12mm CT4 labels by the millions each week.  As coding solutions providers we can also manufacture that bespoke label for your coding requirements along with the hand labeller to suit any given application.

We can provide blank handgun labels to use in your label guns or we can print handgun labels to your specification including logos, text, shop / business name, web addresses, email and phone numbers. You can call us directly on 01332 865933 to discuss your order or you can order handgun labels online through our shop.

Printed labels are manufactured in 10 days or less depending on our workload. The minimum order quantity is 30 rolls for stock or plain labels and 60 rolls for printed labels. New label orders will attract a plate charge but repeat orders do not incur this charge.

Please feel free to contact us and we will call back to discuss your needs.