Swing S9 Egg Box Labeller


Swing price guns are robust, reliable and balance value with performance
Takes CT4 26mm x 12mm labels
Bespoke CT4 labels printed available
Work in conjunction with Egg Coding Labels and Egg Coding Date Labels
Uses Jolly Ink Rollers

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The Swing S9 egg box labeller is a remarkable high end, easy to use hand labeller using the popular CT4 26mm x 12mm wavey edge label. Easy to load with clear characters and no wasted labels when changing information. No messy re-inking with pre-inked rollers and with rolls of 1,500 labels frequent reloading is eliminated.

Designed specifically to work with our pre-formatted egg box labels for hand labelling guns.

Label Size: CT4 26mm x 12mm
Row Lettering: 9 digits – DDMMMYY XL/L/M/S