SOLO DP245 Printer



The SOLO DP245 Printer is probably the cheapest 4 inch printer we offer. Capable of printing at a resolution of 203dpi at 5 inches per second using labels up to 4 inches wide (110mm). It is a direct thermal printer which means it can only print directly onto thermal paper.

Print Width: 4 Inches
Print Speed: 5 Inches per second
Print Resolution: 200dpi


Keyboard Compatible: No

The SOLO system comes with software designed to be easy and intuitive to use. It lets you design a label layout and then add any number of additional variants to it. For example, if you design a sandwich label for say 50 varieties of sandwich, you only need type up the data into an Excel spreadsheet and design one layout, the software will do the rest.

Unlike other SOLO variants, the SOLO DP245 cannot be programmed to work alone as it does not have an RS232 connection for the SOLO keyboard. If you want a similar alternative to this with stand alone capability, we recommend the SOLO T245C printer.

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