Free Range Eggs Bird Flu Advisory Labels and Applicator Bundle




1 x TOWA 30 Applicator – hand held label applicator
10 x 1,000 Advisory labels for Bird Flu specific labelling changes for free range eggs. 10,000 labels in total

Our applicator and label bundle has been prepared as a quick and easy solution to the avian bird flu restrictions and subsequent need for additional labelling.

Our applicators and labels are available from Danro ex. Stock although this page has been prepared prior to the final agreed wording being made public. An announcement is expected from the Animal and Plant Health Agency on Monday 6 February 2017.

Labels are 1-inch (25mm) in diameter and can be hand applied via the TOWA-30 applicator delivered with the Free Range Eggs Advisory Label Bundle.

Please refer to DEFRA for further clarification. Danro accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the advice on this site and all advice is provided as is without any warranty whatsoever.

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White Vellum paper printed cyan with white lettering. Permanent/Universal Adhesive


25mm diameter circle