Bird Flu Barn Eggs Advisory Labels (2,000)


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2,000 Bird Flu Barn Eggs Advisory Labels – specific labelling changes for free range eggs. 2 rolls x 1,000

The Bird Flu Barn Eggs Advisory Labels are available from Danro ex. Stock.

Labels are 1-inch (25mm) in diameter and can be hand applied or applied via the TOWA-30 applicator delivered with the Free Range Eggs Advisory Label Bundle.

Labels are Pantone colour 321 label with a statement explaining that the hens laying the eggs have been housed for their welfare (i.e. to minimise the risk of contracting the H5N8 avian flu virus).

Background to this product

As a result of DEFRA avian flu restrictions, free range egg producers housing their birds after 20th March 2022 will have to re-label their eggs as barn eggs, not free range. These labels immediately fill the gap! No need to change any of you incumbent labels. This label keeps all your normal labelling in place as you simply overlabel with the new information.

We also supply label applicators to speed up the manual process of re-labelling your products – take a look at a stand aoone purchase of a Towa 30mm Applicator or consider buying a bundle of 10,000 labels with applicator at a discounted, all-in-one price.

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Additional information


White Vellum paper printed cyan with white lettering. Permanent/Universal Adhesive


25mm diameter circle

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