CT4 26mm x 12mm Fluorescent Price Gun Labels (45,000 Labels)




The popular CT4 26 x 12mm fluorescent price gun labels with a wavey edge are manufactured in house by Danro on our range of Mark Andy printing machines with fully automated turret rewinding.  Danro manufactures millions of these labels every week for both end users and trade clients.  The CT4 labels are for use in a single line price gun and will fit into most of the popular brands of single line pricing guns. Also available in CT7 26mm x 16mm

The fluorescent CT4 26 x 12mm price gun labels are generally a stock item and can be shipped immediately if your order is placed before our courier cut off times.  The stock labels are available in yellow, green red and orange which are manufactured on premium grade paper with a permanent adhesive.

Fluorescent price gun labels add impact to pricing items or where quick visibility and identification are a must. These CT4 fluorescent price gun labels are supplied plain without print. However, if you want your company name or other information printed on these labels, just call on 01332 865933 and we can prepare your order. Pre-printed Fluorescent CT4 26mm x 12mm labels require a printing plate and there is a charge for this. Production time is normally 5-8 working days.

Supplied on rolls of 1,500 labels on 25mm cores, inside wound head first. They are simple to install in any price gun and will deliver impact and eye-catching visibility.

We also offer a range of CT4 2612 price guns for the CT4 range of labels. CT4 compatible pricing guns are supplied in 6 character, 8 character, 9 character or 10 character configurations. We can also offer date coding price guns that are compatible with these fluorecent CT4 26mm x 12mm labels.

Swing price guns offer performance and value. Open Data price guns are the Rolls-Royce of pricing guns combining the finest build quality, durability and longevity.

If you are in doubt, just give one of our sales team a call on 01332 865933.

Additional information


Our CT4 26 x 12mm wavey edge labels are compatible with the following price guns & hand labellers. However, they are also compatible with many other pricing guns. If you are unsure please contact our sales team on 01332 865933.

Avery 1/6
Avery 1/8
Avery CAS 1/8
Avery HL 1/8
Avery MKII
Blitz C10
Blitz C10A
Blitz C10D
Blitz C6
Blitz C8N
Blitz S10
Blitz S10A
Blitz S6
Blitz S8
Contact 6
Contact 8
Danro 2612
Danro 2612-N
Data Mark 2612
Datamark 6
Dataply 6
Dataply DPM 2612 / 107 Seq
Dataply DPM 2612 / 108 Seq
Dataply DPP 2612 / 106
Dataply DPP 2612 / 110
Econoply 2612
Evo 8 Band
Evo Date Coding guns
Jolly J6
Jolly J8
Jolly JC6
Jolly JC8
Jolly JC9
Klik 1 Line 6 Digit Professional
Klik 1 Line 8 Digit Professional
Klik K10 Professional
Klik K6 Professional
Klik K8 Professional
Labeltac Mk II
Lynx 106
Lynx A
Lynx B
Lynx C-10 DW
Lynx C10
Lynx C10A
Lynx C10D
Lynx C10N
Lynx C6
Lynx C8
Lynx C-8D
Lynx C-8DW
Lynx C-8E
Lynx C-8N
Lynx Euro
Lynx Lite DBC6
Lynx Lite DBC8
Lynx Lite DBS10
Lynx PR426
Lynx SP1
Meto 1026
Meto 105
Meto 2605
Meto 2606
Meto 2610
Meto 526
Meto 626 Eagle
Meto 626
Meto 826
Meto S.526
Motex 2612 / 6
Motex 2612 / 9
Motex Date Coder
Nor Numbeller
Open Data 2663
Open Data C10
Open Data C10/A
Open Data C10D
Open Data C6
Open Data C8
Open Data C8DH
Open Data C8DV
Open Data S10
Prima 1 Line
Print Star 7 Digit
Print Star 8 Digit
Prix Start 10
Prix Start 10DP
Prix Start 6
Prix Start 8
Prix Start 8CP
Puma P – J6
Puma P – J8
Puma P – J8D
SATO Kendo 26
SATO Kendo 6
SATO Kendo 8
Sky Labeltac MK3
Smart 6
Smart 8
Start 10
Start 10DP
Start 6
Start 8
Start 8CP
Super C10
Super C6
Super C8 Dater
Super C8
Swing 8 Band
Swing Date Coder
Tiger PGL – 6
Tiger PGL – 8
Tiger PGL – AL10
Tiger PGL – DC10
Tovel K6
Tovel K8
Tovel TM66
Tovel TM88

Fluorescent Colour

Fluoro Green, Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Red, Fluoro Yellow