CT1 22 x 12mm Price Gun Labels – White Or Yellow (45,000 Labels)




CT1 22 x 12mm price gun labels with Punch Hole which have a 2mm semi-circle cut from the top and bottom of the label are manufactured in house by Danro on our range of Mark Andy machines with turret rewinding.  Danro manufacture millions of these labels every week for both end users and trade clients.

The CT1 22 x 12mm price gun labels are a stock item and can be shipped immediately if your order is placed before our courier cut off times.  The stock labels are available in White or Yellow and are manufactured on premium grade paper with a permanent or peelable adhesive.

We can manufacture coloured CT1 pricing gun labels in various other colours which are produced to order.

We also offer a range of CT1 2212 price guns for the CT1 range of labels.

Additional information

Paper Colour

White, Yellow


Permanent, Removable


Suitable for the following price guns:

Apli 101418 1
Apollo 7
Apollo Mk II
Blitz PH6
Danro 2212PH
Danro 2212PH-N
Data Mark 2112
Easyply Mk II
Econoply 6
Gator MX 6 Digit
Gator MX 8 Digit
Hallo 1Y
Hallo 1YS
Jet Black
Klik KH6
Klik KH8
Labelmate MK3 Sky
Labelmate MKII
Labeltac Mk III
Lotus A1
Lynx CPH6
Lynx C-PH8
Lynx CPH8D
Lynx PH6
Lynx Lite DBH6
Lynx Lite DBH8
Lynx PH6
Motex 5500
Motex MX – 3300
Motex MX – 5500
Pricemaster Hallo 1Y
Puma P – JH6
Puma P – JH8
Quicktag 1 Line
SATO Kendo 22
Shinsei 1 Line
Silverline GS
Sky Labelmate MK3
Super RD7
Tiger PGL – H6
Tiger PGL – H8
Towa GS

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