CT1 22 x 12mm Punch Hole Plain Labels (45,000 Labels) (Coloured)




A very popular low-cost labelling system. CT1 22 x 12mm Punch Hole labels with a 2mm semicircle cut from the top and bottom of the label. Supplied on rolls of 1,000 for use in the Danro 2212PH-N label gun, available to buy in store.

Additional information

Paper Colour

Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow


Permanent, Removable


Suitable for the following label guns:
Apollo 7
Apollo Mk 2
Danro 2212PH
Danro 2212PH-N
Datamark 21112
Easyply Mk 2
Lotus A1Lynx PH6
Lynx CPH6
Motex 5500
Pricemaster Hallo 1Y
Puma P-JH6/JH8
Shinsei 1 Line
Silverline GS
Towa GS

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