Best Before & Size Egg Box Labels – D Type (CT16 30 x 21mm ) (45,000 Labels)



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Best Before & Size Egg Box Labels are made in the UK to your specific registration data, therefore allowing you to comply with egg labelling regulations in the UK.

Two Line Label Guns such as:
Danro 3021 Egg Labeller

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Perfect for use in combination with our standard PL egg box labels and outer case labels.

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Summary of Egg Labelling Regulations

If your flock meets the size requirements for regulation:

  • You must be registered with the Animal and Plant Health Agency
  • Clear labelling, easy to read, including stamping for producer, use by date, storage instructions etc.
  • Production method: Free range, barn, caged etc.
  • This is summary information, consequently, for more detailed information, visit the Government Regg Marketing Regulations Site

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Vellum (Paper)


Supplied on 25mm cores, inside wound head first with 1500 labels per roll.


All goods manufactured are made to order and not subject to normal refund/return policies unless the goods are faulty. Danro will refund or re-manufacture any faulty goods at our own cost.