Open Data T111 Labeller


3 Line label gun
The Open Data T111 price uses CT10 (29 x 28mm) labels
Ink roller type: Open Data ink roller


The Open Data T111 3-Line Labeller is a comprehensive labelling solution taking advantage of the speed and efficiency of a standard label gun, turbo charged with three rows of data to fulfil even complex labelling requirements.

Easy to load and operate, the T111 utilises 29mm x 28mm labels and is quite capable of including several specific data elements, such as, dates, batch numbers, packer id, categories etc.

The bands in each row can be configured to your needs at a cost of £3 per band. Just make an enquiry to find out if we can fulfil your needs.

We are always happy to work with you to resolve any problem you might need the label gun to solve so feel free to call us and discuss your needs.

Buy Bespoke 2928 Labels for this gun here

Additional information


The T111 comes with 3 rows of 10 digit numeric bands. These can be changed on request so please contact us for band changes.

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