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500 Eye-catching Kosher Labels with a permanent adhesive and are supplied on rolls.

We print these advisory labels with black ink on a white on a semi-gloss paper.

These easy to peel and apply the Kosher labels/stickers on rolls allows the user to quickly apply the labels to your products to give a bright clear message.

We supply Kosher stickers with an acrylic adhesive which provides good adhesion to cardboard, paper, film and plastics.

Kosher food adheres to the dietary regulations of Jewish law and is produced and consumed according to specific guidelines. The market for kosher foods has been growing steadily due to increasing demand for high-quality natural food products and the rising prevalence of lactose intolerance. Kosher food products can be found in various distribution channels and encompass a range of categories such as kosher pareve, kosher meat, and kosher dairy.

Key aspects of kosher dietary laws include the separation of meat and dairy products, specific guidelines for the slaughtering of animals, as well as the prohibition of certain animals and ingredients. For example, kosher food laws require the complete separation of milk and animal products derived from non-kosher animals such as pigs and rabbits. (See also: Parve Labels)

The labels are ideally suited to food manufacturers, food packers, butchers, sandwich shops, cafe’s, deli’s, sandwich vans, farm shops and caterers etc.

Kosher Label – Product Specification:-

Size: 25mm diameter
Quantity Per Roll: 500
Core Size: 38mm (1.5″)
Face Stock Colour: White
Text Colour: Black
Text: Kosher
Adhesive Type: Permanent

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