Custom Outer Case Labels

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Please contact us on 01332 865933 to discuss your needs.

We can create custom designs to fit your needs. These can be supplied in a range of sizes including standard 6″x3″, 7″x8″ or 8.5″x3″.

Your custom design can include any logos or awards you may have, it can include any wording or advertising you may wish to add and be produced in full colour if you desire.

Your order will be subject to artwork fees and plate charges.

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    Additional information


    Danro accept no liability for the legal compliance of your labels. Please check with your local trading standards office to ensure you include all the necessary information on your labels.

    Danro accept no liability for errors on your label once final approval is given. Any re-prints will be charged at full cost.

    Artwork Fees

    Simple designs can be completed for as little as £25. The standard studio rate for creative work is £60 per hour.

    All artwork entered into is subject to charge irrespective of your order. If you instruct us ot do artwork but do not proceed with your order, you will still be required to pay for studio time.