Blitz 1910 Label Gun


The perfect entry level labeller
Ideal for price marking and use by dates


The Blitz 1910 Label Gun is a 19x10mm pricing and coding label gun.

The Blitz price gun has 7 character bands and is a replacement for the Danro 1910-N pice gun.

Reliable and robust, the pricing gun can tke the abuse of daily working. Tough enough to withstand drops and a hammering by operators, combined with simple operation and reliable performance.

Open Blitz 1910 Label Gun Operation

Loading: A simple process of installing the label roll on the bobbin, then pulling some labels through the opening of the gun then closing.

Setting: You encode each row of data om its own print head. Rotating the crown for each of the print heads moves the print bands to the desired settings.

Printing: Squeezing the handle and lever on the label gun prints and ejects a label. This action prints the encoded text and presents a label ready for application on your item.

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