Bird Flu Barn Eggs Advisory Labels


20% Discount when you order 20,000 labels. 30% Discount when you order 100,000. Discount is applied before final payment.


10,000 Bird Flu Barn Eggs Advisory Labels – specific labelling changes for free range eggs. 10 rolls x 1,000

20% Discount when you order 20,000 labels. 30% Discount when you order 100,000.

The Bird Flu Barn Eggs Advisory Labels are available from Danro ex. Stock.

Labels are 1-inch (25mm) in diameter and can be hand applied or applied via the TOWA-30 applicator delivered with the Free Range Eggs Advisory Label Bundle.

Labels are Pantone colour 321 label with a statement explaining that the hens laying the eggs have been housed for their welfare (i.e. to minimise the risk of contracting the H5N8 avian flu virus).

Background to this product

Free range egg producers housing their birds after 28th February 2017 will have to re-label their eggs as barn eggs, not free range.

As a result of the extended housing order from DEFRA in relation to the H5N8 bird flu outbreak, many free range egg producers who are unable to provide adequate bio-security for their flocks to return outside will have to re-label their products. Flocks must be secured from access to wild birds; requiring netting at substantial cost.

After 12 weeks, the EU regulations stipulate you may not label your eggs as free range. Despite considerable lobbying from industry groups, the EU Commission has remained intransigent and proven unable to allow special dispensation to the circumstances of the flocks being temporarily housed.

If this affects your flock, you should re-label your eggs as Barn Eggs after the 28th February as your flock will have been housed for more than 12 weeks.

The label can be applied to the same free range egg boxes to help consumers identify that your otherwise free range eggs are no longer classed as free range due to the bio-security measures in place to combat the spread of bird flu in the national flock.

Please refer to DEFRA for further clarification. Danro accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the advice on this site and all advice is provided as is without any warranty whatsoever.

Additional information


White Vellum paper printed cyan with white lettering. Permanent/Universal Adhesive


25mm diameter circle

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