8.5″x3″ Outer Case Labels (x3000)


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The 8.5″ x 3″ (216mm x 75mm) Outer Case Label is suitable for application to your outer case packaging. The labels are printed using water based flexographic inks on paper with a permanent adhesive and completely bio-degradable.

Available in a range of simple designs, we are happy to amend the basic layout for you to customise your labels. Please fill in the input boxes below to provide your instructions when placing your order. A design confirmation will be sent to you prior to committing the design to press.

For a new design, we will draw the artwork for you and provide the printing plate to manufacture the product. We keep the printing plate on file for future orders.

Delivered on rolls of 1000 labels on 76mm cores.

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    Additional information

    Label Dimensions

    Labels measure 8.5 inches x 3 inches (216mm x 75mm) and "butt cut". Provided outside wound on 76mm cores.


    Vellum (Paper)



    Consumer Advice

    Consumer Advice: Keep Refrigerated After Purchase

    Egg Stamping Explanation

    Egg Stamping Explanation: 0=Organic, 1=Free Range, 2=Barn, 3=Caged, UK=Origin, 99999=Producer ID


    Danro accept no liability for the legal compliance of your labels. Please check with your local trading standards office to ensure you include all the necessary information on your labels.

    Danro accept no liability for errors on your label once final approval is given. Any re-prints will be charged at full cost.

    Danro reserve the right to alter label dimensions to assist with efficient production. Labels may vary in length or width by up to 5mm and may be provided "Die Cut" with gaps between.