101x101mm Direct Thermal Labels – 25mm core


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5,000 – 101x101mm Direct Thermal Labels manufactured Danro and are for short term use, they are ideal for product identification, box end labels and some national couriers and other short life requirements.

Direct thermal economy paper labels with a thermal coating for general purpose labelling in dry environments. Not suitable for contact with direct sunlight, water, fat or plasticizers.

The labels are supplied with a acrylic adhesive which provides good adhesion to cardboard, film and plastics.

Product Specification – 101x101mm direct thermal labels

Size: 101mm x 101mm
Gap between labels: 2.92mm
Perforation between each label: No
Adhesive Type: Acrylic – Permanent
Face Stock: Paper – Direct Thermal Economy
Roll Diameter: 98mm
Core Size: 25mm (1″)
Printer Type: Desktop
Printing Method: Direct Thermal
Ribbon Required: No
Quantity per roll: 500
Labels per box: 10 rolls, Total 5,000 labels
Product Reference: 101×101-DT-25-Eco

The 101x101mm direct thermal labels are suitable for the following printers and will also work with many other desktop direct thermal printers.  If you have any doubts please call 01332 865933.

Citizen CLP521, CLP621, CLP631, CLS521, CLS621, CLS631, CL-S331,CL-S521, CL-S621
Datamax O’Neil E-4203, E-4204, E-4304

Eltron LP2142, LP2242, LP2622, LP2642, LP2742, LP2844, LP3642, TLP2642, TLP2742, TLP3642, TLP3742, Orion 2442, Orion 2443, UPS LP2543
Godex DT2x, DT4X, G500, G530, G300, G330, EZ120, EZ1100Plus, RT700, RT730, RT2x, RT7x, RT8x
Honeywell / Intermec PC42d, PC42t, PC43d, PC42t, Easycoder, C4, PC4, PF8D, PD43A
Sato CG4, CG208, CG212, CG408DT, CG412DT, CG412TT, CX200, CX208,CX210, CX212, WS4
Star TSP 828L
TSC, DA200,  DA300, TA200, TA-210,TA300, TC200, TC300, TDP-244, TDP-245, TDP-247, TDP-345, TE200, TTP-243, TTP-244, TTP-245C, TTP-247, TTP-342, TTP343, TTP-343C, TTP345, TX200, TX300, TX600
WASP WPL205, WP304, WPL305
Zebra DA402, GC420D, GC420T, GK420D, GK420T, GX420D,  GX420T, GX430T, GT800, GX420T, GX430T,  LP2742, LP2844, LP2844-Z, LP2824, T300, TLP2844, TLP2844-Z,  TLP3842, TLP3844-Z, TLP3742, ZD410, ZD420, ZD500

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